Product Development

We develop consumer and industrial electronics products using latest technology and provide innovative solutions to customers. Our design process is focused on quality, reliability and manufacturability of the products. These concepts are taken in to consideration from the initial design stage and maintained all throughout the process

Our customised solutions will be aimed at solving an industry specific need through automation, or productivity improvement, remote monitoring, data acquisition, communication, voice communication or radio systems. We work with the customer to design a solution for their specific requirements.

We undertake system design, product customisation, circuit development, printed circuit board design, assembly of components and transformation to mass production.

Contact us to discuss your requirements to develop a reliable and cost effective solution.


Industrialisation is the process taken place to transform a prototype or a product made in small numbers to a mass produced product. A dedicated effort will be required for this transformation and we will undertake the complete process. We will develop the complete set of documents to cater for procurement, material handling, , test specifications, quality control workflow analysis and the engineering drawings.
The product can be then manufactured through leading manufacturers in Australia or overseas.